Privacy Policy

Stowaways Golfing Society

Privacy Statement

Our  objective is to provide all members with golfing days out and occasional golfing breaks. The Society is made up from members and former members of Stowmarket Golf Club.

In the process of members communicating with the Stowaways Golf Society, visiting the site, or interacting on the site, we will inevitably collect certain data appertaining to our members.

We believe that Stowaways Golf Society has a genuine and legitimate interest to use you personal information and we are not harming any of your rights and interests.

Data Collection:

It is anticipated that the data gathered from members visiting the site will not extend beyond,
  1) The members name

  2) The e-mail address of the member.

This information is stored for future contacts (for example any events, competitions, or special offers exclusively available to members of Stowaways Golf Society). You will always have the option to decline receipt of this information.

The Society will also record participants' scores which will be passed on to Stowmarket Golf Club for handicap review and publish relevant details including names and scores of the prize-winners.

We anticipate most communication with members will take place either through the Stowaways Golf Society website or newsletters sent by email

The only other data Stowaways Golf Society will collect from visitors to our site is purely numerical for volume analysis purposes and identity is not an issue as you will be totally anonymous and your visit will only be an impersonal statistic.

Policy dated 25th May 2018